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Brenda Miller
Title Aide
Ext. 2516
Kathy Morefield
Food Service
Ext. 2627
Kelly Nordt
ANW K-5 Special Education
Janae Palet
ANW (Pre-K)
Amber Parra
5th Grade Teacher
Ext. 2618
Robert Pearce
HS Science
Ext. 2609
Sara Perry
Preschool Aide
Ext. 2623
Tonia Raymond
Purchasing Clerk
Kim Reazin
Elementary Principal
Paige Reinhardt
Third Grade Teacher
Ext. 2621
Sara Sample
Second Grade Teacher
Ext. 2621
Katie Shields
ANW-OT Paraeducator
Shanette Smith
School Nurse
Ext. 2624
Clydene Stacy
MS/HS Secretary
Dana Stierwalt
Kindergarten Teacher
Ext. 2622
Jennifer Stoneking
ANW Speech
Katelyn Walker
Preschool Teacher
Ext. 2623
Chary Weilert
MS/HS Science
Ext. 2620
John Weilert
MS/HS Principal
Ext. 2604
John West